Adopted Projects : Surman Village

I am Manan Surman Chaturvedi, Manan means deep thinking just because of a deep thought about orphan and abounded children today I am enjoying the motherhood of 94 kids. These kids have been abounded by their parents, reason best known to them only.

I am thankful to God for strenthing my shoulders to take responsibility of their shelter, education and better life. At the time of putting my emotion on this paper I have adopted kids from various projects such as Palna, Koshish, Jeewan, Phulwari and many more.

I started this divine work in the year 1998, in these last 15 years we did everything on our own by making greeting cards, poster, writing, theater and unforgettable non-stop painting marathon.

Some people ask me many times that Why should you making paintings Non Stop 72 hrs. or 24 hrs.? I simply give them a answer that I saw a dream to make home for those who lost everything in their life, who wants to see a dream, fill color in their lonesome eyes and it's not only my dream it's my PLEDGE to make home for them Where their kids will be fully equipped with all the basic facilities like education, food and medical facilities.

I started this mission alone and now lot many hands have come forward to support us, we need your co-operation to make this dream comes true and providing a better life to these lovable kids.

Please come forward and contribute for this noble cause which will not only enhance your moral value but also blessed you by almighty.

Let's start one step ahead towards making Surman Balashram where can live many kids and touch their own sky.

The project "Surman House" is a non-profit part of the project "Surman Village".
The ultimate goal: a seven-storey building where up to 500 orphans live. They are not just a guest, but as found in the Surman Palna a family. Children need a protected and warm environment to grow. We have the opportunity to offer them! Single or divorced women who are unfortunately still very difficult to have in India, find a job as caregivers and are integrated into the family.The land is already bought and the first construction has started. However, even a lot of money missing. The cost for all seven floors are estimated at 74'350'000 Indian rupee, which corresponds well Millionene 1.28 Swiss francs.

It is a very big project and a hefty sum. Therefore, we divide the whole into two construction phases: First, the basement and the first three floors are built. Thus, the first children to move in and revitalize the house. Everything goes well, we will continue the Surman family are supportive to the side. The cost of the house and up to the third floor - including basement and green space around the house - what amounts to 39'150'000 674'871 Swiss Franc Indian Rupee equivalent (as of April 2012). Surman Sansthan will still pictures, calendars, and theater tickets to sell to raise money. And I'll give my best in Switzerland to carry as much money as possible together, so this house can be occupied by children as soon as possible. We may need all the help. So please donate and help with, to build a house for 500 orphans! You can donate to success here on the news page follow any time. Additionally, you can see on the home house our virtual Surman grow proportionally to the donations. The money that is collected in Switzerland, comes to a Swiss bank account. Once we have the amount for each floor together, we will transfer the money Surman Sansthan on a specially opened for the house account. Surendra is my contact person. News and photos of the construction progress are regularly published on this page. I also have to fly at the completion of the house to Jaipur and to look at the construction. So your donation is certainly there to wherever you invested!

Work is on full swing

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