Project Adopted by Angel of Love

Under the Flagship of Surman the various projects that have seen day of light and running smoothly are:

A initiative by Surman Family, where we have started up home for orphan & destitute children, of all age groups, where they live in one house as a family. They get all what a child deserve
Parents, brothers & sister

Place to unleash their creativity – Required thrust to master their skills in sports, music & art A routine life like any other child who is blessed with genetic family A vision for career and basic ethical ground to become a good human being

Koshish (A Sincere try):
Another initiative by Surman Family, to become a shelter place for all women who are deprived of their normal life and those who have seen life in its darker side. They are incorporated in the family and playing well appreciated roles of caretakers/mausees, with their kids getting all what they deserve as child. Surman has 11 women members in the family who joined Surman Family under the project Koshish.

Jeevan (Life):
A distress call from two helpless parents, pleading for support in the treatment of their child gave birth to another initiative called JEEVAN. We started temporary adoption of the kids needing medical aid and whose parents are not in position to bear the cost. We provide all financial and medical help to such kids for undergoing complete medical treatment, in association with elite and passionate team of doctors, who contribute their bit to the society by helping in their own way of providing free or self subsidized services.
Till date Surman has adopted 13 such kids, who have undergone surgery / long treatments. Phulwari (A Garden): Another initiative taken by Surman family aiming at the possible contribution in the slum areas of city. We cannot fill the gap between two extremes of the society – with people having everything and people who are fighting each day for their survival, but we can surely bring smiles on some of the faces by helping them in

Adequate clothing
Getting Education Medical Aid
Having a desired meal once a while
Spending some happy moments with a smile on their face.

Till date Surman has been able to bring light of education in the lives of over 50 kids from the slum area. Our committed team is all set to keep on spreading the much required education in these areas.

Tapasya (Penance):
It is an effort by Surman family to extend helping hand to the single parents in getting their kids educated. Surman has been successful in supporting 11 such kids by way of sponsoring their education.

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