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Ms. Manan Chaturvedi, a living legend, as being called by people, who have closely seen her journey, her unprecedented energy level & thought process, is a Fashion designer by qualification, but her creative stint in the fields related to ART, in its all forms, makes her a unique personality truly blessed with god gift of visualizing things beyond obvious. She had a true heart of an artist, since her birth. As she grew up as an independent individual when she realized that her long carried feelings since her childhood regarding the deprived people and specially kids, has resulted surfacing a very loving motherly feelings towards everyone who came across in her life. She cultivated her thoughts and zeroed down to the fact that she is born for a cause and started up movement called Surman. Now at age of 37, she is mother of over 80 kids spreading love and hope in the society. No one including her parents, thought even in their dreams that they are nurturing a child who will one day become a rarest of human being, who will devote her entire life for a cause of humanity spreading peace and happiness, for all those who are deprived and are labelled as destitute in this world. Manan’s way of expressing her thought using creative paintings, unorthodox stage shows and short films, truly shows that an artist, as a creative individual, can bring colors in all aspects of, journey, called LIFE

MANAN AND HER TRYST WITH DESTINY : As rightly put in words, the big and sound buildings are built if the foundation is strong. Concise story about how foundation got laid down on some vibrant thoughts that builds a great organization. As recollected by Manan Chaturvedi, founder of Surman: “Ever since her child hood she wanted to be happy and use to search for the ways how she can keep her family members and friends happy. In the same quest she use to interact a lot with people of all age groups and use to ask a lot of questions. She realized very late that she enjoys the moment she spent teaching kids of her servant, the most, during her entire day and the second best moments were spent interacting with anyone who came to their house for begging or asking for some help. Being a nature lover only thing that always came to her mind was about clouds that show poured water on all barren land and convert that into lush green fields and a miracle should happen to eradicate all problems of the needy people. Turning point in the life came during her visit to Bombay, she was enjoying her moments with the parents at the Juhu beach, riding a horse, when she saw a small kid selling balloons. She like other child wanted all those balloons, which her parents bought her and she flew them in air. The little boy was pretty happy to have sold all those, but was looking with amazing face when they were let loose in the sky. His looks left her thinking about the state of mind of that boy. She stepped down from the horse and rest of her day went in thinking about that boy. It really was troubling her that why at the same age, she is capable of buying things for her happiness and that boy was selling those balloons for making his livelihood, why can’t he also enjoy like her and be happy. These thoughts kept on haunting her for few days and went in some corner of her mind as a daunting memory. She grew up with the foot prints of such small memories and completed her course in fashion designing degree, to get married. Her passion towards life kept on growing with the age. The real loving moment came when she was expecting her first baby, emotions were running all time high and she was waiting for that wonderful moment to come by counting days. But the fate had something else written for her, the baby never saw the day of light and expired. It landed her into the mental trauma and complete emotional breakdown. After slight recovery from the medication, she started searching for the happiness in every kid she came across and more so in the destitute kids she saw on road side, railway station, bus stations and hospitals.

MANAN AND WORDS STATING HER PHILOSPHY: Let’s stop all lengthy planning, deep thinking, and ideological search and leave behind all worries about success and failure. Take a deep breath and now look at the world around – things will look beautiful, calm & comfortable. Whatever you have, distribute it with your brothers and sisters. Just think how many children die because of mal nutrition, lack of medical aid and proper shelter. SURMAN PALNA came into existence as a result of a feeling for such kids that came in mind & touched its founder Manan, as per her words : “Whenever I look in the society and see many orphan and destitute kids with whom people show sympathy but very few dare to come out with the courage to provide them food, shelter, education and medical facilities, I am reminded of flowers of bougain villaea (Bougainvillea glabra), planted near boundary wall as a fence, no one plant them in their drawing room” In SURMAN PALNA we are committed to rehabilitate every child who has been labeled as orphan and destitute. We are proud to tell that our family has grown to 83 in just 8 yrs time. In our family there are 49 school going kids and rest 6 are the infants and toddlers enjoying the most beautiful phase of the life with their mother Manan.


Terapanth Mahila Mandal, Jaipur 15-3-2011
Women Reorganisation Award “The Heart of Gold” 95 FM Tadka
Bade Dil wale Award 2013 (Red FM 93.5)
Alok Bharti “Rajasthan Bhushan” Award
Prof. Yashwant Rao Kelkar Yuva Award 2011
Dhadkan 2012 - Jai Narayan Vyas Univervity, Jodhpur
Kesari Women Award 2011 by Panjab Kesari, Delhi
Poddar Group of Institutes Award, Jaipur
Think India-2013, IIM Ahmedabad
Brahman Ratna Award, Sarv Brahman Mahasabha

“Panache 2012 Award” VIT Campus, Jaipur
Swami Keshwanand Institute of Management & Gramothan
“Koknijnes 2012” IIT Rukri (ABVP)
Global Technical Campus “Parakram 2012”
Rajasthan Pradesh Bharat Sevak Samaj
Pinkcity Press Club 2013

1. Vandematram(Dance Drama) AVM Ground 2009 Vaishali Nagar Samiti
2. Ramayan (Stage Show) Ravindra Manch 2010 MDP
3. Painting Exhibition Kothari House 2011 Kothari Group
4. Jai Shree Krishna(Stage Show) Ravindra Manch 2011 MDP
5. Hai Kasam(Stage Show) Ravindra Manch 2011 MDP
6. Surman Week (11th – 17th Nov) Different Venue 2011 Surman
7. Table Discussion Raj. Cham. Comm. 2011  
8. Surman Dashera Mela Chitrakoot Stadium 2011  
9. Hai Kasam(Stage Show) Ravindra Manch 2012 Rav. Manch Society
10. Jai Shree Krishna Birla Auditorium 2012 OK Plus
11. Workshop on Child Welfare Raj. Cham. Comm. 2012  
12. Painting Exhibition C-Scheme 2012  
13. Surman Dashera Mela Chitrakoot Stadium 2012 Apeksha Group
14. Angel of Love(72 hrs.Non Stop Painting by Manan)   2012 Statue Circle
15. Painting Exhibition Pink City Square Mall   Kunal Didwania
16 Angel of Love (24 hrs. Non Stop Painting) (Ajmer, Vrindavan, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur,
Mount Abu, Ahmedabad, Rajkot)

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